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Asus PQ321Q Review

Asus PQ321Q Review

Posted By on Aug 20, 2015

Meet the Asus PQ321Q, a 32 inch 4K display monitor that provides standard image quality, with its resolution able to display the variety of colors without problems. The Asus is a Liquid Crystalline Display (LCD) monitor that has a Light Emissive Diode (LED) on the back light to provide a clear visual display. The only thing discouraging about this price is its high end price that makes it less affordable to those in need of it. Almost everything about the Asus PQ321Q is perfection, with sound being clearer and doesn’t suffer from any interference waves because of the way Asus positions the internal speakers.

Features of the Asus PQ321Q

The monitor does not have VGA inputs but instead has HDMI and Display port inputs, this goes hand in hand with the trends of most devices requiring a HDMI cable for clear images that the VGA input fails to display. This is a disadvantage to anyone who still uses the VGA inputs; this will force you to move on to the modern inputs.

Asus PQ321Q has an audio in and out port to work with the in-built speakers. The stand is flexible and can move in a certain number of degrees to suit your viewing, this being an advantage for everyone who has a different angle of viewing the monitor, unlike me who uses the basic. The Asus lacks USB ports which should not be much of a disappointment, considering the other features it has.


Picture / Image

The 4K display feature says it all, the display is more than just clear, by the way the Asus PQ321Q displays the sharpness in images. The Asus has a side-by-side function that allows it to display two images simultaneously on the monitor. The pictures are visible in dark rooms and light rooms with the monitor able to contrast to enhance your viewing experience.

Configure the Asus monitor for the monitor to display the images the way you desire and change the settings at any given time.

The cons in the Asus’ display feature is that it does not support the Adobe RGB color standard and that it has a high input lag time meaning it is not the most suitable device for gamers to play on, despite its countless advantages.

Sound Quality

The inbuilt speakers bring the quality in the sound. The speakers are well in position to produce sound without any disturbance. The monitor has audio in and audio out, meaning you can play the sound using the device or you can connect to an external speaker. Whichever suits you, the Asus monitor is still able to perform.


Despite the monitor having a high end price, the Asus PQ321Q is quite a bargain to use on your PC. Using this monitor just redefined everything I do on my PC, from work to gaming; the monitor has it all, together with the sound meaning you have no use for your speakers and that you have extra room on your table. The Asus PQ321Q is returns for your money, if you have not tried it, ensure it is in your plans, you do not know what you are missing out on.



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After rigorously reviewing the best digital cameras available in the market, we choose the best of them all. The photography industry has been undergoing great deal of changes in the past years but 2015 is proving to be the year of stability.

Traditional manufacturers like Nixon, Canon and Fuji have been updating and improving on some of their best models. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it’s a great time to buy a camera for the ultimate personal and professional experience. Here are some of the favorites we pick for the year 2015.

Nixon D4S without a doubt is the best digital camera out here. Coupled with a professional grade DSLR having anNikon D4S excellent full frame sensor that enables you capture bursts of up to 12fps while at the same time tracking a moving subject. Nixon D4S also has the ability to shoot excellently under pitch dark conditions with sensitivity ranging up to 409500. With Nixon D4S you got the perfect professional tool for news, sports and wildlife for photographers. Also Nixon D4S comes with a full weather seal and a durable magnesium alloy frame to keep you working well any time any weather. The upgraded 10.8v, 2500mAh rechargeable battery bumps up the battery life. On the top plate of Nixon D4S you will find all the controls like shutter release, compensation buttons and video record button. Also a powerful secondary LCD provides you with snapshots of the current shooting settings.

Fujifilm X100TFujifilm X100T –  for those in love with photography, it is impossible to disrespect what Fujifilm has done with the X100 series camera lens. The X100T which is an update of the previous X100S comes with an improved hybrid electronic/optical view finder and also a host of control refinements. Fujifilm X100T pulls all the best physical controls and design elements available and smoothly integrates all of them to fit the digital era. Fuji X100T comes with two conversion lenses; one to make it to the 28mm equivalent while the other is to transform it to 50mm equivalent depending on your preferred field of view. When it comes to design; the metal finish together with the notchy knobs gives a leatherette feel. Add an inbuilt ND filter to this wonderful device; you get all you want. For photo enthusiast for as little as $1300 you can own a Fuji.

Samsung NX1 – though the Korean electronics giant doesn’t have much experience when it comes to cameras, the NX1 earns our distSamsung-NX1-241inction as being one of the best digital cameras of 2015. With an excellent image quality, class reading autofocus, built in 4K video and a 15fps continuous burst shooting; NX1 impresses in the wave of high end mirror less cameras present in the market. Compared to the NX30, this newer version comprises 3 control dials including an articulating 3 inches LCD and a monochrome LCD on its top plate. The controls are well placed with the top dial located behind the shutter power switch and the other two controls around the back easily accessed by the thumb. The NX1 grip is larger and curvy having a deep recess and rubber coating to give you easy time when handling.

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